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Tyler the Poet

Fall Leaves

Autumn is here
It has arrived
And everyone is outside
I hear crunch, crunch, crunch
Under my feet
And people are jumping in piles of leaves
I hear the pitter patter under my feet when I run
The ground is colorful
Yellow, red, orange
But rarely green
Unique, Magical
Dried leaves crunching
Everywhere I step

By:  Tyler Carroll, Age 9

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Tyler’s Wind Poem

Kinetic Bird


The wind awoken from the sky and it blew as fast as a stallion racing for a gold.
Everything fell on the ground as the wind rushed and flowed.
The wind flowed from the sky to all over the world.
Everything was twisting and twirling on the dry, rock hard ground.


By:  Tyler Carroll, Age 9  –  4th Grade

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