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Weekly Free Cuts

So I recently decided to start crafting again. I want to make a bunch of cards to either sell or at least to bundle and give as gifts to friends and family that still enjoy sending snail mail notes from time to time. I drug out my Cricut Personal and hooked it up to Cricut Craft Room. Every week, Cricut offers a new set of images as a free cut. They are released every Wednesday and there have been so many awesome ones that I find myself checking Craft Room often to see what the next “free cuts” will be. Every now and then, a cut will stay up for more than a week or they will stick a mystery cut in there. On this particular trip into the Craft Room program, Spring Holiday Cards was the free cut. I had so much fun making St. Patrick’s Day cards and Easter Cards. I was even able to play with one in Craft Room and turn it into a birthday/special day type card. When you use the software, you are able to hide some of the cut lines and modify the images a little. It is so much fun and so addicting. Here are the few cards I made that lazy Sunday afternoon. I’ll do my best to list the supplies I used though some of this stuff I have had forever and I’m not sure where I got them. All of these images were cut from the Spring Holiday Cards cartridge at 3″ and are on a standard 4 1/2″ x 5″ card. Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day

Corned Beef and Cabbage

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and that lead to the most logical dinner tonight. . . Corned Beef.  But, I wanted to try something different this year.  Usually I just toss it in the slow cooker with some potatoes, carrots, Guinness and seasoning.  This year, a couple days before the holiday, I received a recipe in my email box from Cuisine at Home.  I was intrigued and decided to take a break from the norm and try something new.  I went shopping for the ingredients, buying things that I don’t remember ever having in my kitchen.  I also had to go buy a broiler pan.  I have never personally used a broiler but this recipe called for caramelizing a glaze in the oven.  Additionally, I was going to make cabbage this year.  I didn’t usually add this element to my meal but along with the corned beef recipe I was sent a buttered cabbage recipe that looked easy and yummy. Continue reading


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