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Who’s that knocking?

"Can I have more almonds please?"

“Can I have more almonds please?”

Now that spring is here, my yard is buzzing with wildlife. On any given day I have lots of deer, bunnies, fox and a multitude of different and beautiful birds. The latest entertainment though is the squirrels. It all started out one gorgeous Saturday morning. I was doing my usual laundry and watching some cooking shows on PBS when what do I see pop up in the living room window but a squirrel. He just stood up to the window, hands high, peering in like “Hmmm, wonder what is going on in here?”. I started to laugh and quickly tried to grab my camera and see if I could catch him doing it again but he was off to find buried treasure in the grass. Later that day, I was in the kitchen fixing myself some lunch when what do I see in the window again but my squirrel friend, gazing in my kitchen as if to ask for food like a drive up window. I guess I should explain that I live in the lower level of a house (my landlady lives upstairs) and my windows sit at “garden” level meaning that my windows sit just above the ground. I once again tried to grab my camera but wasn’t able to get to it fast enough. Read more here . . . Continue reading

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