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Squirrel Bond

Squirrel Stealth

YAY! I’m finally posting another adventure of my friend the squirrel. I have been having so much fun watching them (yes, I said them. More to come on that later). I have taken tons of photos and a few videos, so many that I’m having a hard time deciding which ones to share with everyone. But, for now, here is how this adventure unfolded.

Sneaky SquirrelWhen I last left my friend, he was peeping in my window and begging for me to feed him more almonds. He has been coming to my window almost daily so I’ve been tossing out a few almonds and then waiting. On this particular day though, I had opened the window and tossed out some treats without seeing my friend in the window. I hadn’t seen him yet and just thought I would leave them for him to find later. The adventure continues . . . Continue reading

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