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Family Karate Center Inter-Club Tournament

Team CKC TournamentOn Saturday, November 15th, I competed in the Family Karate Center’s Inter-Club Tournament. This time I was competing as a yellow belt with a little bit more experience under my belt . . . (ha ha, get it). Anyway, I practiced all week perfecting my Heian Shodan kata for not only the competition on Saturday but for my next belt test on the 24th of November. When my name was called and I marched out on to that mat, I felt like a million bucks.1st Gold Medal Like everything I had been practicing for had come to this moment to show the judges what I had learned and how I’d improved. I was really nervous though too because the several days leading up to it, I had been doing hammer fists in place of my down blocks.  I really didn’t want to forget those and wanted to try to remember to put my “looks” into the kata too. This is where you look in the direction of the invisible bad guy before you make your next move.   After watching the video, I remembered some but not all looks but my shirashi steps (sliding your foot from one step to the next so you are never out of balance) have come along nice and they looked better than I thought they did. Check out the video below of my latest kata and the one at the very bottom is the very first competition I did on June 21st as a white belt. Continue reading

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