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It’s almost here

Breaking Dawn Part 1 - Bella and EdwardToday is Bella’s birthday and as a present for all the Twilight fans out there, they have released another trailer for Part 1 of Breaking Dawn that comes out November 18, 2011. Fandango also announced that tickets will go on sale starting October 1st. Who is going to be getting their tickets early and waiting in line? Just might be me.

Also, don’t you just LOVE these new movie posters?Breaking Dawn Part 1 - Jacob & the Wolves

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Twilight Banner

OK.  So I admit I may be a little slow at getting with the times but now that I have been reading the Twilight books I’m [Twilightcompletely hooked.  I never got to see the movie in the theaters even though I always wanted to and hadn’t read the books either.  For Valentine’s Day, Rob thought it would be a good idea for me to read the first of the Twilight books before the movie release at the end of March.  Little did he or I know that once I started reading, I wouldn’t be able to put it down.  It took me a couple weeks to pick the book up and get started but in just a week and a half, I was done and wanting more.  For my birthday, Rob got me the entire boxed set (yes, now I have two copies of the first book) and in less than a week I’ve finished another one.  I get started and just can’t stop.  I sneak off all the time to catch just a page or two and before I know it I’ve read an entire chapter.  This weekend I will start Eclipse, the third book and try desperately to slow down so I don’t finish it too quickly. Continue reading

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