Tabitha FallOK, so if you stumbled upon this blog you may or may not already know who I am. I am a divorced, single mom with two beautiful boys.  My boys and I like to do all sorts of things. One of the things we like to do is head into the beautiful Colorado mountains and take pictures. Because of this wonderful hobby, my sister decided it was time to give me a place, other than Snapfish albums, to talk about my photos, show them off and share my love for photography.

PansyBesides taking pictures, I have several other hobbies and activities that I love to do. I love to make cakes, cook, stamp, scrapbook, sew and just generally craft all sorts of stuff. I attribute this love for crafting to my mother. She is such a crafty person and all my life has done all sorts of different things. She taught me a lot of what I do today.

Boys Karate Belt TestBeing that I have kids, we do other things too besides head into the outdoors. The boys are active in all kinds of things in school like marching band and they used to play In-Line hockey almost year round and karate.   They gave up hockey only because band and friends were taking up most their time.  Also, it was getting expensive to buy the gear they were constantly growing out of.  We have birthday parties, band concerts, holidays, vacations and all sorts of other events that kids do so we definitely keep busy.

Boys HockeyBack to the photos though. I’ve taken tons of pictures since I got my first digital camera. Digital cameras make picture taking soooo much easier.  It gives you instant gratification and allows you to keep taking photos till you get it right (most of the time). It also allows you to take hundreds of photos with no cost of film and developing. What I’m hoping to accomplish with this blog, besides be able to talk about the terrific places we go to take pictures, is see what the world thinks of my photography. Lots of people have tried to encourage me to do more than just share with family and scrapbook my pictures. Some feel the photos are worthy of selling. I don’t know what the future of my photos hold but I do know that I want to share them.

I also have a desire to share my crafting talents with others so I have added that subject to my blog.  I have recently received a Cricut and it opened up a whole new world to my crafting possibilities.  Now I want to etch, paint and cover everything with vinyl.  Not to mention, the Cricut has taken my card making to a whole new level.  That is what this blog is mainly about.  I’m hoping to keep up with this blog better and post more of my goings on so you can have something to come back to.  Have a wonderful day and hope to see you back soon.