Washi Wednesday – My Washi Tape Collection

My growing collection of washi tape.

My growing collection of washi tape.

Today is Washi Tape Wednesday and I don’t have a project to show you but I thought I would show you my ever growing collection of washi tapes.  I just love finding new and more colorful tapes though I’m starting to buy tapes for particular projects since I have so many.  Currently my collection sits at about 187 tapes.  Some of those as you can see are actually duplicates so the actual number of different tapes isn’t as big.

You may ask how you use them.  I love to use them on my cards, to decorate envelopes or just about anything that you can think of that needs a little color.  Washi tape (sometimes called paper tape) is a lot like painters tape in that in most cases it is removable and repositionable but it sticks and stays where you want it too.  My current favorites are a couple purple ones I got from Washi Mall.  She carries several different patterns and colors and often runs specials on her tape.  I love her shop and even though she ships from Singapore the rates are reasonable and they arrive quickly.  If you’re looking for a great deal, check her out.  She is awesome!

Just in case you are wondering, my current storage system is just to put them in 12 x 12 Iris cases but I’m always looking for new ways to display and store my tape.  I’m considering switching to a system that I can mount on the wall so I can easily see and access my tapes when I need them.  I just love this one from A Night Owl Blog. My collection is large enough though that I just can’t afford some of the storage ideas out there.

Washi Catalog

My Washi Mall page in my washi “catalog”

One more thing I want to share with you is my OCD method of keeping track of where my tape comes from so I can get more if I ever want to.  I have purchased a small notebook and when I get new tape I simply snip off a small piece and add it to the book along with the name of where it came from (guess I can say I’ve used every roll of tape I have… lol).  At this time, I have one page for each store or online site I’ve purchased tape from so I can add to it as I get more.  I really like this system because I always know where to go when I run out of a particular pattern.  What do you think of this?  I know I’m a little OCD but I love to be organized and this way I won’t buy tape I already have.

If you haven’t tried washi tape yet on a project, go pick some up in your local craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby (even Target has some) and give them a try.  It is easy to become addicted to collecting them and displaying them in your craft space.  I would love to see or hear about how you have used it.  Please share with me.  Comment below with your experiences with this fun embellishment.  I’m always looking for more project or storage ideas too so please share.  Hope you had a great Washi Wednesday!  Next week I’ll try to have a project to share with you.

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