Shhh . . . It’s a secret.

I have opened my Shop over at Storenvy but have not made the official announcement yet to the public.  I’m looking for your feedback.  What do you think of my site?  Is the background too busy?  Photos easy to see and clear as to what the cards look like?  What about pricing?  I have struggled with what to charge for my work.  It is hard for me to put a price on my creativeness (Is that a word?).  All the prices at this time are for individual pieces thinking that some people might make up their own custom sets of cards they want.  Should I offer sets of cards?  Multiple packs?  What about the shipping charges?  Do the charges seem fair?  If you put something in your shopping cart and get ALMOST to the purchase step you will see other options for shipping.   I originally thought I did not want to ship internationally but decided to change my mind and not alienate those potential customers from purchasing from my site.  I worry though that the charges are too much or not enough.

Now, I have a favor to ask.  What I am asking of you is to look over my site.  Check out the FAQ, look at prices, descriptions on the cards, etc and give me your feedback and comments.  You can either comment below or if you are more comfortable, feel free to email me at tabe at shutterscapecreations dot com.  If you provide me with feedback, I will in turn send you a discount to use on your first order.  Thank you in advance for all your help and for now, keep this a secret.  I’ll do a big grand opening soon!

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