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Rocco Sunning 3So absence seems to be the theme for me on here these days.  I’ve popped in now and then to check on things and update the behind the scenes software but still no posting.  As I was waking up this morning, I decided that today is the day.  I really want to update my layout but it seems if I wait for this my site will never move forward so I’m leaving the updating for another day.  Life has been hectic since . . . oh . . . SEPTEMBER of last year.  I’ve hardly had time to do ANYTHING extra unless it involves checking on Facebook from my iPad as I scarf down some lunch or wait for the kids to get out of school or while I wait for sleep to overcome me in bed.  I don’t know what I would do without my iPad some days.  It helps me be mobile and still keep up with the world even though life seems to be racing by.

Rocco Sunning 1So why the sudden post?  After 17 years of living in the same cute little older place, I’ve moved to a old/newerish townhouse.  It was a scary and exciting change and I still am not sure what to think of it.  I like some of the new things but I still miss lots about the old place.  It definitely has given me a new outlook on my day and my life.  The main reason for this is my house is completely ABOVE ground.  My old place was more at garden level so the house stayed cool and darker most the time.  The coolness was wonderful in the warm summer months because it wasn’t too hard to keep the house temp down (unless it was near 100º during the day).  It was also mostly North/South facing so I didn’t get much sun except for a little in the morning in one kitchen window that faced East.  The new place gets all kinds of sun during the day.  My bedroom windows are upstairs and EAST facing.  I am woken up almost every morning with bright warm sun.  If I feel like sleeping in it is really difficult with the sun glaring in your eyes at 6 AM.  It makes getting up for work easier since there is no sense in fighting the sun.  I’m probably going to have to get some black-out curtains for those rare occasions when I can sleep in on a weekend or holiday.  Downstairs, I open the blinds on the sliding glass back door and living room window and between 10 and noon the sun starts to pour in, showering the carpet and room with beautiful sunshine.  Rocco Sunning 5Rocco is in heaven on the weekends.  He spends hours playing and sunning himself on the soft, warm carpet.  It is actually adorable and I feel like I can see a smile on his face while he suns.  All this sunshine in my house makes it easier to wake up with a smile and a good outlook on the day.  I’m not saying I didn’t like my old house, I’m just saying I feel different when I wake up at my new place.  Rocco Sunning 2I can’t wait till maintenance gets screens put in our windows so we can let the fresh air in also.  It is starting to warm up and I can feel spring in the air.  It is time to pull out the capris, flip flops and open the windows.  Time to put away the heavy coats and gloves and just grab a light jacket “just in case”.  Time to spend time outside soaking up the sun, having friends over and firing up the BBQ.

I just had to share my new feelings and my new outlook on my day.  I have enjoyed getting up early and getting my day rolling early with the sun pouring in my room.  Here’s to MANY more sunny days full of smiles and great feelings.


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  1. Cute Rocco!

    I am so glad you like your new place. Isn’t so nice having the sun shining in during the day. We don’t get a very big sun spot, but I know that our cat Jack takes full advantage of the one we get.

    I could have sworn I commented the other day. I must not have hit submit.

  2. Thanks 😉

    I have found him sunning in other places in the house. I now wake up in the morning on the weekends and open the blinds in all the “hot spots” so he can find sun any time of the day. It is sooo cute. There is even one on my bed from the master bath EARLY in the morning.

  3. In the winter, the first thing I do in the morning is open all the blinds along the east and southern face of the house to let the sun heat the house. After the sun passes over I will often close the blinds and curtains to trap the heat. In the evening all windows and blinds are buttoned up tight.

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