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Yellow BeltYAY! Rob and I finally did it. We are finally yellow belts in karate and it feels great. We already started learning some of our yellow belt kihon (blocks, kicks and strikes) and self defenses and they are fun. Most of the self defenses have cool pressure points and one of them has a really cool “arm bar” that you can put the “bad guy” into. If done right it could really hurt someone.

Yesterday we learned most of our kihon for yellow belt and I feel like I have three arms, two left feet and no balance.  Tyler was having too much fun laughing at me trying to figure out the elbo strike and I got really dizzy trying to learn the spinning back kick.  Yellow Belt FightGuess it’s going to take a lot of practice at home to get these down before a stripe test or the final belt test.  We were also disappointed to learn at yellow belt we don’t learn any new stick flow drills but this will give us some time to perfect the ones we already know.   I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us ahead. It’s way exciting so far.

Check out the video slide show below of our belt test to get our yellow belts.
There were several black belts at our test including Mrs. Cupples’ (my instructor) instructor, Kyoshi Haynes. We were all plenty nervous having so many turn out for our test but I was really proud to show them what Mrs. Cupples has been able to teach us since Rob and I started in May. We all love learning from her and can’t wait till the day she is there to watch us receive our black belts (a few years off still but a goal none the less).

Belt Test 9/24/08 – Adults from Tabitha Carroll on Vimeo.

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