Coming to an End

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The Capture My Colorado project is coming to an end. This week is VOTE WEEK and my photos, along with everyone else who has submitted photos, need your votes. We all help shape how the book will look and decide which photos make it in and which do not. Go to the website and vote. Click the link above to get to my page of photos. If you’ve been on there before to vote, go back and check it out. There are tons of new photos to look at and vote on. Yesterday evening was the last day for submissions and I submitted 8 or 10 right before the cutoff. Also, Rob and my dad have some photos on there too and would love your votes. The creative talent on this website is amazing and it is going to be really exciting to see how the book turns out and if my photos make it into the book. I will be on the DVD slide show though so if you are looking for a unique Christmas present, buy the book. Hope you’ll take some time out of your day to help me out. Thanks!

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