Squirrel Bond

Squirrel Stealth

YAY! I’m finally posting another adventure of my friend the squirrel. I have been having so much fun watching them (yes, I said them. More to come on that later). I have taken tons of photos and a few videos, so many that I’m having a hard time deciding which ones to share with everyone. But, for now, here is how this adventure unfolded.

Sneaky SquirrelWhen I last left my friend, he was peeping in my window and begging for me to feed him more almonds. He has been coming to my window almost daily so I’ve been tossing out a few almonds and then waiting. On this particular day though, I had opened the window and tossed out some treats without seeing my friend in the window. I hadn’t seen him yet and just thought I would leave them for him to find later. The adventure continues . . . I went on with my morning and sat down to have some breakfast. When I was done eating, I looked out the window and noticed my friend snagging a snack and bounding off to hide it to eat later. I decided to wait for him to return. When he did, I couldn’t help but laugh. He did this James Bond like movement of hiding under a bush, then moving quickly to the backside of the tree and sneaking up the tree to the front all the while looking left, right, up and down as if to watch for someone coming in to steal his treats. I couldn’t help but here the James Bond theme song playing. After he made it to the front of the tree, I was able to snap the photo above. It makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Squirrel Nut

After he made it down the front of the tree, he went slinking through the grass moving very slowly and flicking his tail along the way. I’m sure he was sniffing out the nuts but also watching for a predator. He still didn’t quite know what I was all about either. He continued moving closer and closer to the window in search of his tasty treat that he so desired till he found one. It was at that moment that I realized that my peeping “Squirrel Bond” Tom was really a peeping “Squirrel Bond” Mama. Yes, my squirrel friend is a female, not the frisky male I had thought he was previously. I have nicknamed her Mama. This picture doesn’t do a very good job of showing that it is a female but trust me. I have tons more photos to share that show my chubby little female mama.

This is where this day ends for now but there are plenty more adventures to come. Stay tuned to find out more about my adventure with the squirrel friend. Feel free to leave comments about my adventures with her. I would love to hear from you.

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