Who’s that knocking?

"Can I have more almonds please?"

“Can I have more almonds please?”

Now that spring is here, my yard is buzzing with wildlife. On any given day I have lots of deer, bunnies, fox and a multitude of different and beautiful birds. The latest entertainment though is the squirrels. It all started out one gorgeous Saturday morning. I was doing my usual laundry and watching some cooking shows on PBS when what do I see pop up in the living room window but a squirrel. He just stood up to the window, hands high, peering in like “Hmmm, wonder what is going on in here?”. I started to laugh and quickly tried to grab my camera and see if I could catch him doing it again but he was off to find buried treasure in the grass. Later that day, I was in the kitchen fixing myself some lunch when what do I see in the window again but my squirrel friend, gazing in my kitchen as if to ask for food like a drive up window. I guess I should explain that I live in the lower level of a house (my landlady lives upstairs) and my windows sit at “garden” level meaning that my windows sit just above the ground. I once again tried to grab my camera but wasn’t able to get to it fast enough. Read more here . . .

I was puzzled why, after almost 13 years of living here, a squirrel was peeping in my windows. Being that I like to take nature photos, I decided I was going to try to use this seemingly friendly opportunity to capture a few pictures. I had some old almonds from a few years ago that I had been thinking about tossing out and decided to throw them out on the grass for my friendly squirrel. I cleaned both sides of the window really good and pushed the screen to the top of the window. Now when you look out it you can’t even tell it is closed. With the window really clean and the almonds in the yard all I needed to do was wait for him to come back so I could take his picture.

Just as I thought, he came back and I was ready on the other side of the window. I got some great photos but my favorite one happened when he had eaten all the almonds I tossed in the yard. I was done taking pictures and decided to go eat my lunch. When I came back in the kitchen to put my dishes away, guess who was standing at my window looking in again? Yep, you guessed it, my squirrel friend. This time, the camera was nearby and I was able to capture this photo. This picture really makes me laugh. How could I know that this was only the beginning of much time spent at the window watching wildlife in my yard?

I’ve decided to keep my window really clean and my screen up to capture any future opportunities at wildlife photos in my yard and every now and then I even toss out a few more nuts for my friend . . . the squirrel.

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  1. Whisper

    Thats so hilarious. I can just picture your little “peeping Tom”. Hope to hear more about this little character.

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